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Child and Adolescent 
Crisis Response Program
Provides 24 hour phone and response services for families residing in Lane County and Reedsport, Oregon:          1-888-989-9990

Increasing Home Safety & Risk of Suicide: 
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National Suicide Prevention Resources

Help in Lane County

News: Reedsport, Oregon residents are now served! For more information, CLICK HERE!!!
General CPS Information:

The 533 of CPS: CPS Cliff Notes

Stuart Ablon's Website
Director of ThinkKids at Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Ablon has been instrumental in bringing the Model to Oregon and continues to research it's effectiveness.

Research Link Page
CPS has been scrutinized by researchers quite a bit. It has been found to be helpful in working with youth in a variety of settings; home, public school, treatment facilities, and psychiatric hospitals. The range of youth positively impacted runs from typically developing to severely disturbed. In the State of Oregon, CPS is being adopted as the model of care in all Oregon Youth Authority facilities and in all State Hospital locations. The evidence is in: this stuff works!


Recommended Reading Page

Services at The Child Center:

The Child Center: Springfield
The Child Center offers child and adolescent assessments, risk assessments, and a full range of mental health treatment. Assessments can be scheduled at any time. 541-726-1465

The Child Center: Central Oregon
TCC in Central Oregon offers a full range of mental health treatment. 541-728-0062
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Group Participants
Crisis Corner
​Information for Registered Group Participants:

Parent Group Web Participation Page
The link above will take you to the information you need to participate remotely in the Collaborative Problem Solving Groups. We look forward to seeing you! 

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